jueves, 12 de julio de 2018

Topical skin adhesive

BondEase® product is a biocompatible, topical skin adhesive that combines methylidene malonate polymer technology with an ergonomic, user-friendly delivery device to provide a compelling set of differentiating benefits to clinicians and patients compared with existing products.

  • Designed to provide clinicians with a high level of comfort and control during adhesive application
  • Wound closure can be accomplished uniformly in a single layer
  • Fast drying time after the adhesive sets, allowing rapid completion of procedure
  • Generates minimal heat during polymerization
  • Transparent tip allows clear visualization of adhesive delivery
  • Internal initiation of the adhesive allows for uniform performance and prevents tip clogging
  • Device design lowers risk of injury to the user by eliminating direct contact with glass components of the device

BondEase® Topical Skin Adhesive technology is the subject of U.S. and foreign-issued patents as well as pending patent applications worldwide.